Awards History of Masahiro Hiroike

I worked for many years as a system engineer and programmer developing web systems. Then I developed a program to display slideshows, which led me to start taking photos in earnest. In 2015, I won the grand prize in the Olympus Open Photo Contest, and then I started entering international contests, and in 2020, I won the second prize in the professional category, nature and wildlife category, at the Sony World Photography Awards, the largest of its kind in the world, and started working as a professional photographer I started my career as a professional photographer. In other words, my career as a photographer began with photo contests. Japanese photo contests are meant to be a gateway for amateurs to become professional photographers, but in international contests, the motivation for participants, including professionals, is "to be the best in the world" and "to be exhibited in a photo exhibition. I continuously enter international photo contests because the award-winning exhibitions in large-scale contests travel all over the world.

私はシステムエンジニア兼プログラマーとしてWEBシステムの開発を長年していました。そしてスライドショー表示するプログラムを開発したことがきっかけで本格的に写真を撮り始めました。 2015年にはオリンパス・オープンフォトコンテストでグランプリを頂き、それから国際コンテストに応募を始めて、2020年に世界最大のSony World Photography Awards でプロフェッショナル部門、自然・野生動物カテゴリー第 2 位を受賞し、プロ写真家として活動を始めました。つまり私の写真家活動はフォトコンテストに始まっています。日本のフォトコンテストはアマチュアのプロ写真家への登竜門という意味合いが強いですが、国際コンテストはプロも含めて参加者の応募動機は「世界一を目指す」事と「写真展で展示される」事です。 大規模なコンテストでは受賞展示会が世界中をめぐる事になりますので、私は継続的に国際フォトコンテストに応募しています。

[Awards History]

2015 Olympus Open Photo Contest Grand Prix

2017 National Geographic Best of August 2017 (TOP10 of 150,000 photos)

2020 Sony World Photography Awards 2020 Professional “Natural World and Wildlife” 2nd

2020 5th 35AWARDS "Motion” 3rd, “Night Landscape” TOP100

2020 IPA(International Photo Awards)Professional Nature-Astrophotography 2nd

2020 6TH Fine Art Photography Awards (London) NOMINEE x 3

2021 TIFA (Tokyo International Foto Awards) Silver x 1, Bronze x 2

2021 BNW Minimalist Photography Prize 2020 BEST 50 Photographers

2022年 Nature Conservancy‘s 2022 Global Photo Contest Wildlife Honorable Mention

2023年 LensCulture Critics‘ Choice 2023 winner (Selected by Christie’s Darius Himes)