NFT collection created by Masahiro Hiroike

Masahiro Hiroike is a Japanese photographer and winner of major photo contests around the world, including the Sony World Photography Awards, IPA, and LensCulture.

He creates photographic NFTs because he takes many artistic images and wants to share them with the world.



 "ZANZ" is derived from the Japanese word "Zanzo," meaning "afterimage," and is a coherent series of more than 1000 high-resolution (8000x5333px) photographic NFTs.

This series is a sequel to the work that won Honorable Mention at IPA (International Photo Awards), the largest contest in the USA in 2020.  [IPA 2020 Awarded Works]

These photos were taken of Christmas lights and fireworks using the ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) technique, and the "after-images" were visualized. When photographing landscapes with ICM, the image is streamed and blurred, creating a fantastic image. However, when photographing the strong light of Christmas lights and fireworks, the image becomes clear and complex, like computer graphics, by moving the camera. This is a new and beautiful art of light created by the coordination of many small lights and human movement. Coincidence plays a major role in this process, creating images beyond the creator's imagination and allowing the viewer to explore beauty and aesthetics.