2020 Sony World Photography Awards

The [Sony World Photography Award] was established in 2007 as a comprehensive photo contest sponsored by SONY and organized b by the World Photography Organization.

It is the world's largest overall, including the total number of entries, total prize money (products), and exhibition size, and is considered one of the most prestigious photography awards in the world. It consists of four categories: Professional, General, Youth, and Student (Photography), and the Professional category has 10 categories including architecture, documentary, landscape, nature/wildlife, etc.

World Photography Organisation: https://www.worldphoto.org/


[Summary of Hiroike's award]

2020, Second place in the Professional Division, Nature/Wildlife category
The total number of entries in the professional category was approximately 135,000.
Award ceremony in London and exhibitions around the world were cancelled due to the new coronavirus, and a 3D virtual exhibition was held online
June 12 - July 9, 2020 Exhibition of award-winning works held at Sony Imaging Gallery Ginza

[Entry work]

Himebotaru (fireflies) photographed in Nanbu-cho, Nichinan-cho, and Kofu-cho, Tottori Prefecture, Japan, in 2019 (set of 9 photos)
(All photos were taken in habitats independently surveyed by the company, which has been researching firefly habitats for the past 8 years)
Award-winning works: SWPA Award-winning works page

【ソニーワールドフォトグラフィーアワード】はSONYがスポンサーとなり、World Photography Organisation(世界写真機構)が主催している総合的なフォトコンテストで2007 年に創設されました。応募総数・賞金(商品)総額・展示会規模など総合的に見て世界最大の規模となっており、世界で最も権威のある写真賞の一つとされています。プロフェッショナル、一般、ユース、学生(写真関係)の4部門で構成され、プロフェッショナル部門には建築、ドキュメンタリー、風景、自然/野生生物等10種のカテゴリーがあります。

World Photography Organisation :https://www.worldphoto.org/





  • 2019年、鳥取県南部町、日南町、江府町で撮影した「ヒメボタル」(9枚組写真)
  • 8年前からホタルの生息地を研究しており、全て独自に調査した生息地で撮影
  • 受賞作品:SWPA受賞作品ページ

*One of the winning images was used as a banner image for the World Photography Organization throughout the site for one year.

 ※ 受賞作の1枚がWorld Photography Organisationのバナー画像としてサイト全体で1年間使用されました。




My works were introduced on 4 pages in the official photo book.


Since most exhibitions of award-winning works were canceled due to the influence of the new coronavirus, a 3D virtual exhibition was held online.



It has been covered by many media outlets.