This is a series of works photographing fireworks using ICM (Intentional camera movement).Large fireworks are made up of small fireworks, and when they rise into the sky, they instantly spread out in concentric circles and disappear. In normal photographs, the amount of movement of these sparks is small, and the fine sparks appear as one. I can't express how it disappears again. If you take pictures of fireworks while moving the camera, the fireworks will move relatively quickly, allowing you to capture detailed shots of their flickering. Also, depending on how you move it, you can create various expressions such as birds and curtains.

 打ち上げ花火をICM(Intentional camera movement)で撮影したシリーズ作品です。大きな打ち上げ花火は小さな花火が集まって出来ていて、空に上がるとそれらは一瞬で同心円状に広がり消えていきます。通常の写真ではそれらは移動量が少なく、細やかな火花は一体となって写ります。また消えゆく様子は表現できません。花火をカメラを動かしながら撮ると、花火は相対的に早く動いて写るので、その明滅を詳細に写し撮る事が出来ます。また動かし方によって、鳥やカーテンなど様々な表現が出来ます。


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