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The "Genjibotaru", a summer nighttime tradition in Japan, is a large firefly, about 20 mm long, whose larvae live in and around rivers to grow. Unlike the princess firefly, they fly with a green light that emits for several seconds. They are representative of the Japanese sense of beauty, "mono no ahare".

It is very difficult to count living things in a certain place, but it is very easy to count the fireflies that glow as they fly at night. That's why fireflies are a barometer of rich nature and biodiversity.

The common method for photographing  "Genjibotaru" is to photograph the background in bright light and compare the light of the fireflies with a composite image, but I try to photograph  "Genjibotaru" in a single shot, just as I do with  "Himebotaru". This is because I think it expresses "mono no ahare" better.