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Japan is a long and narrow island nation, and thanks to its complex topography, there are waterfalls everywhere. Among all natural structures, the powerful flow of water from waterfalls evokes a sense of awe at the "magnificence of nature." Furthermore, waterfalls are located at the beginning of rivers, which are the source of life for all animals and plants, and the continuous flow of water symbolizes the ``flow of life'', which means the eternity of life.

Japan's traditional belief system, Shinto, has the idea of ``eight million gods,'' which believe that gods exist in everything in the natural world.For the reasons mentioned above, waterfalls themselves are worshiped as gods. It is considered a sacred place where God resides. For believers, the clear water and powerful flow symbolize purification of the body and mind and acceptance of sacred power, and sacred rituals such as ``takigyo'', where people bathe in the waterfall's water, are performed.

Waterfalls are full of ``majesty'' and ``power'' as well as ``beauty'' that stimulates the unique Japanese aesthetic sense, such as ``impermanence'' and ``mono no aware'', and have been often depicted in Japanese paintings since ancient times.

When facing a waterfall, you may feel a sense of ``silence''. The roar of the waterfall is likely to drown out other sounds such as insects and wind. Also, if you visit the waterfall at night, you will only be able to see the flow of water in the darkness. This is because when the water falls, it turns into white foam that shines brightly under the starlight. The contrast between the light and the background becomes even greater with long exposure, but the scene sometimes begins to look like a human figure. I am fascinated by this waterfall, which gives me a sense of ``tranquility,'' ``Wabi,'' and ``Yuuuuuuuuuu.'' This also expresses "minimalism", which is one of the themes of modern art.