The Nature Conservancy 2022 Photo Contest


The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is one of the world's largest environmental organizations, founded in the United States in 1951 through grassroots efforts. Supported by over 1 million members and over 400 scientists.
This TNC photo contest just started in 2021, but due to the large number of members, it seems that there were more than 100,000 entries in the second contest in 2022.

The Nature Conservancy 2022 Photo Contest:

[Hiroike Award Summary]

  • 2022 Wildlife Category Honorable Mention
  • The total number of applications was approximately 100,000 from 196 countries and regions, with 45 winners including honorable mentions.
  • Published as one of 14 works in the newsletter

[Entry work]

  • Himefirefly photographed in Nanbu Town, Tottori Prefecture in 2022

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) は、1951 年に草の根活動を通じて米国で設立された 世界で最も大きな環境団体の 1 つです。100 万人を超える会員と、400 人を超える科学者がサポートしています。

The Nature Conservancy 2022 Photo Contest :


  • 2022年 野生生物カテゴリー 佳作
  • 全体の応募数は196の国と地域から約10万、入賞者は佳作を含めて45人
  • 会報誌に14作品の一つとして掲載された 


  • 2022年、鳥取県南部町で撮影したヒメボタル


It has been covered by many media outlets. Also, even though it is an honorable mention, it is displayed in the fourth picture in The Guardian.

多くのメディアで取り上げて頂いています。また佳作なのにThe Guardianでは4枚目に表示されています。