Sea Rocks


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Japan is an elongated island nation, so every region has coasts that alternate between sandy and rocky reefs, with gentle and sometimes violent "waves" lapping against the shore. Waves are truly "life and death. They are born in the ocean, driven by the wind, grow larger as they approach the land, and are broken up by the reefs. There is the beauty of "impermanence," which expresses "transience," "transience," and "life and death. The rough rocks carved by the waves have a sense of "loneliness," which is "a state of deterioration with the passage of time.

At first glance, the large waves on a reef in stormy weather are the main attraction. However, if one gazes carefully at the occasional rock, the shape of the rock becomes clearly visible, and one is no longer conscious of the waves. And just like the waterfall, you will feel a strange sensation of being enveloped in silence. It is a true "yugen" sensation, a passage between reality and another world. I reproduce this feeling by using an ND filter and ultra-long exposure time. The immovable rocks are clearly visible without moving, and the waves crashing violently against them overlap to create a fog-like effect. This work is an expression of "minimalism" as well as "layering transitions to create stillness.

Filter: HAIDA M10 system



Filter: HAIDA M10 system