2022 Chugoku Electric Photo Exhibition

Chugoku Electric Power Dam / Hydroelectric Power Plant Photo Exhibition
"With Nature ... Blessings of Water"

From April to May 2022, Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc. held a photo exhibition at "Chuden Fureai Hall" in Tottori City.
This is a photo exhibition of a dam and a hydroelectric power plant that Hiroike was in charge of shooting. It was an exhibition of 40 items, all A1 (90cm x 60cm).


Venue: Tottori City, Chuden Fureai Hall 2nd floor multipurpose hall

Date: April 28th (Thursday) -May 15th (Sunday), 2022

Work: A1 (90cm x 60cm): 40 works

Organizer: Chugoku Electric Power Eastern Hydropower Center

 中国電力のダム・水力発電所写真展 「自然とともに・・水の恵み」

廣池が撮影を担当させて頂いたダムと水力発電所の写真展です。全て全倍(90cm x 60cm)40点の展示でした。

【 開催概要】

会場:鳥取市、中電ふれあいホール 2階多目的ホール


作品:全倍(90cm x 60cm):40点

主催:中國電力 東部水力センター