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People often ask me, "What is this?" These are also photos. What's more, these are simply ordinary photos taken without any special compositing or post-processing. Computer graphics are often used in movies and TV, and the quality is so high that it can be mistaken for reality, but the theme of these photos is ``How well can ordinary photos be used to create images that look like CG?'' I am.

In winter in Japan, streets and commercial facilities are decorated with "illuminations" made up of numerous LED lights. Especially at amusement parks, more than 1 million LED bulbs are used to express scenery and stories. I accidentally moved the camera while photographing the illuminations, and I noticed that the light in the image appeared as a dotted line. When I looked into it, I found that the LEDs used in illumination have an alternating current cycle, which means they blink 50 or 60 times per second.

I photographed this illumination using a technique called ICM (intentional camera movement), just like the "Fireworks" series. If you take pictures of illumination while moving the camera, the blinking LEDs will appear as dotted lines, and if you move the camera vertically and horizontally, for example, it will appear like "cloth". The difference from fireworks is that the light is close and always there. Various scenes can be drawn by spinning "threads of light" according to the photographer's "intentions," allowing them to express mental images that are usually difficult to express with photographs.

「これは何?」とよく聞かれますが、これらも写真です。しかも特別な合成や後処理をしていない、シンプルに普通の撮影をしただけの写真です。映画やTVではComputer Graphicsが多用され、現実と見間違うほどのクオリティになっていますが、これらの写真は「普通に撮影した写真がどれだけCGのような画像を作り出せるか」を一つのテーマにしています。


私はこのイルミネーションを「花火」シリーズと同じくICM(Intentional camera movement)という手法で撮影しています。カメラを動かしながらイルミネーションを撮影すると、LEDの点滅が点線として写り、例えば縦横に動かすと「布」のように写ります。花火との違いは「近くて常にそこにある光」である事。撮影者の「意図」で「光の糸」を紡いで様々な情景が描けるので、普段写真では表現しにくい心象等を表現しています。