The "Sakura" (cherry blossom) is a typical Japanese flower. Sakura are found all over Japan, and in spring they start to bloom in the southern regions and gradually move their pink area to the north.



  • Shidarezakura
  • Camellia and shidarezakura
  • Shidarezakura on the slope
  • Gokurakuji's shidarezakura
  • Sakura on the riverbank
  • Sakura of Lake Nakatsuna
  • Sakura of Lake Nakatsuna 2
  • Nakago no Sakura
  • Sakura in the morning sun
  • Sakura in Sakura
  • Yaezakura
  • Fallen & remaining Sakura
  • Sakura at night
  • Hanaikada-1
  • Hanaikada-2
  • Sakura colored river