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 For the Japanese people, the "Sakura"(cherry blossom) is the national flower and a symbol that heralds the arrival of spring. The subdued colors and pretty shapes can be said to be ``Okashi,'' which means ``bright intellectual beauty,'' and the scenery of cherry blossom trees in full bloom can be called ``Miyabi,'' which means ``elegance.'' . In addition, the way they fall beautifully within a few days after full bloom is representative of an aesthetic sense that expresses the ``view of life and death'' of ``impermanence,'' ``transience,'' and ``transition,'' and emphasizes ``cleanliness'' and ``nobility.'' It is also seen as a symbol that symbolizes the spirit of Bushido.

I focus on delicately expressing the "Sakura", which have a rich Japanese beauty, down to the petals even though they have a huge number of flowers. I also feel a "Mystical beauty'' in the "Shidarezakura"(weeping cherry tree), which has a drooping shape and a sense of loneliness and melancholy as it sways in the wind, and I am trying to express that ``Mysty'' to the fullest.