• Two Carps
  • Passing
  • Stare
  • lake and deer
  • mother
  • Yawn
  • Rainy river
  • Mandarin duck
  • Green river
  • Green lake
  • White-eye
  • Bulbul
  • top of tree
  • rivermist
  • crane bed
  • butterfly-1
  • butterfly-3
  • butterfly-2
  • butterfly-4
  • butterfly-5

There are many living creatures in Japan's nature. I photograph ``Himebotaru'' as my life's work, but I also create works of other creatures as part of the landscape. It is one of the Japanese aesthetic senses, ``impermanence,'' or ``the beauty of a way of life that is ephemeral and will perish someday,'' and it is also the ``beauty of the moment'' created by the coincidence of landscapes and living things.